Sunday, December 7, 2008

Season 1, Day 68 - What's New With Vee

Still on da' grind, yo. lol.

Didn't really do anything outside the home this weekend except get Jordan a hamster and cage.
But Friday night I was up all night picking out ingredients, bottles, jars, tins, pots, and other packaging supplies. Saturday morning I made the decision to buy everything. Saturday evening I did just that, and Sunday I spent a good part of the day just visualizing and co-creating the **quality of my products and the success of my beauty line.

Yep, you guessed...I'm ready to start making products for **my beauty line. I'm going to be giving some sample bottles as part of my marketing and promotion. I'm going to playing around with different scents, aromas, flavors, etc., mixing them and matching them. My first batch of products will include hair milk and moisturizer, hot oil treatment (which can also be used at room temperature for on the spot conditioning;-), hand & foot scrubs, a skin cleanser, facial mask/exfoliator, moisturizing hand and body lotions and creams, body oils, under-eye sticks for puffiness and dark circles, and assorted lip balms.

I'm so excited. I've already drawn out what I want the labels to look like, the slogan, and some other promotions things. When I receive the bottles, I'm going to take one of each size to the printing company with me when I go to get my custom labels made. Wanna make sure they fit.
I also ordered shrink wrap for the lip balm tubes and jars. I've ordered lid covers for the jars.
And just wait to see what my ingredients list looks like! I've ordered some really good stuff. And got quite a few things from the supermarket too; things that are really good for us and good to us. I'm going to get a paper recycling machine and create my own unique beauty brochures.

Too excited!
Can't wait for my packages to get here.



PS. The weight loss is still on track.
Can't wait for that dressing and macaroni on Christmas!
I will definitely deserve some by then.

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