Monday, December 1, 2008

Season 1, Still day 62 - The Sun Got in my Eyes

And I almost forgot, my brother came to visit me yesterday, well Saturday, and made my day. Not only did I get a chance to feed him and spend time with him, but he took apart my external hard drive to figure out that there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with it at all!!!!

The cord for my brand new external hard drive was dead. Even though I'd left both the unit and the cord out in the hot sun the same day it quit working, it was the cord.
OMgosh! Just the cord. lol. hahahaha.

Thank You, GOD.

When it initially stopped working, I was devastated. Then I caught myself and refused to think that all my pictures, and chapters to the book I was writing, and all my other writings and important things were just lost forever. I rationalized that the folks on CSI could retrieve it if they had enough reason to. lol.

So I always had it in the back of my mind that **it could be fixed or that the files could at least be retrieved. But what my mind's eye was really seeing was that one day I was just going to plug it up and it was going to work. lol. And it would have happened just like that if only I'd tried using a different cord. Of course the cord didn't even seem like a likely cause of the malfunction to me since the unit had sat out in the HOT July Sun - which is a definite no-no for electronics - so nothing would have made me even think to try this.

But hey, what can I say?
The SUN got in my eyes.

I have been without my external hard drive for a longer period of time than the time I was actually able to use it.
It's just been sitting in my kitchen near the coffee pot doing nothing but staying free and safe from tiny hands. Oh well, and on occasion, trying to taunt me with questions like, "Can you really write all that stuff over? Do you really think those lost chapters are going to be better rewritten from scratch. Did you have copies of the best pictures saved in other places. And oh my, what about all the priceless videos of your baby boy."

After we put it back together - yeah, I helped a little - he decided to try to plug it into my cable box power cord. The blue light started dancing in circles and I jumped up and started dancing too.


Thanks for the Shades, Ric.
I love and appreciate you, bro.


PS. In case you're wondering why I'm blogging about this, well this was one of those things I helped to manifest and co-create through intention and positive thinking before ever getting started with the 100 day reality challenge;-)
That's why I felt I should let you guys in on it.

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