Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Vision #1 for this 100 day reality challenge - Season 2, Day 2

My vision is to co-create another job.
Sure, there's way more to co-create for this season, but the job is the biggie.
I have one summer left before I've got to have some major changes underway.
Baby's going to 1st grade in the fall, and I must have a day job that pays as
well as the night job.  I must be able to take him to school, pick him up, and
allow him to sleep in his own bed at night.  No more dropping him off at the
babysitter's house while I work all night and then be too tired for him during the
day.  You guys know how important these years are?
Well, so do I.  Ok Universe, I'm asking, do Your thing for us.

That's all for now.

peace and happy co-creating, everyone!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Back on the quest - Season 2, day 1

This is season 2 for me. I've let about a year go by since I've actively co-created. Don't know what to say. I definitely see a difference, and believe me, it hasn't been for the better. Been kinda stuck. So here I am again on the quest to living up to the potential of my higher self.
God help me. I don't want to be here in the same place a year from now.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Season 1, Day 99 - Only One Day Left!

Happy New Years everyone!
I'm sending out positive energy to all my fellow co-creators, family, and friends.

This first season of the 100 day reality challenge is almost over; only one day left.
And I walk away with a proud sense of what is truly possible when you focus to keep your visions close to you and commit to take taking inspired step towards them everyday, if only by visualization.

I'm not sure I would have had the clarity or direction to accomplish all that I've set out to do so far if I had not journaled on a pretty regular basis. Maybe so, maybe not. We'll never know for sure, but I do give the credit to CCOR and their wonderful 100 day reality challenge. Thank you, Lilou. I'm so lucky to have found you. Then again, I don't think it was luck at all.

I will definitely be back tomorrow to officially end my first 100 days and start over new with the next.

Love from the Universe.
May you feel it, receive it, and pass it on!


P.S. yeah, and I've decided that I will title the next 100 days differently. "Season 1, day so and so" leaves a lot to be desired, don't you think?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Day 88, Season 1 - I See Success Coming

I say this with regards to completing the 100 day challenge successfully. I didn't blog everyday and at first I kinda wanted to beat myself up over that, but then realized what was most important; that I kept with the co-creating, manifesting practices and thinking that is so important during these challenges.

The first 100 days is almost over. The goal that I set to be leaner and healthier by the end of the first season was a success. I've lost about 15 lbs since I decided that losing weight was the goal for the first challenge. I inadvertently also set another goal as well - to have some beauty products out, which also means having the website up too, by Christmas. Well I did that too, and so far I've been getting rave reviews on both. Nothing special with the site yet, but I've been getting compliments on the look and feel of it. It does have a nice little ambiance to it.
What I didn't get a chance to do was get the labels printed, so I didn't go to the trouble of applying the shrink wrap to the bottles either. I'll do it next time.

Well anyway, that's all for now.

peace everyone,


PS. by the way, the name of my beauty products company is Kalahz Beauty, so feel free to drop by anytime.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Season 1, Day 75 - A friend in need

Yesterday I took Jordan to his friend, Brett's birthday party, then we went to the mall.
Was supposed to go over to a dear friend's house because she'd lost her sister, who was also a very good friend of mine. But after Jordan and I got home from the mall because he was complaining of not feeling well (ie. tummy ache from eating too much pizza) and his feet were hurting (breaking in some new shoes), I ended up losing the energy I had and fell asleep. And I slept, and slept, and slept. So needless to say, I was up nearly all night from sleeping so much yesterday.

So now here it is and I'm getting ready to go to my friend's house this evening, cause I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I didn't.

Anyway, nothing co-creatory to talk about - not really.
Just the same o.
So I'm gonna run now.

peace, love, light,


Friday, December 12, 2008

Season 1, Day 73 - Making Some Real Progress

Got most of the packaging bottles today.
Just waiting on the amber PET bottles to come in, and that will be it.
I'm so excited. Just got off work this morning and I'm really tired.
I've been over-sleeping this whole week, not hearing the alarm clock, and I've been late picking up Jordan every single day. So chances are I will not go and get the labels today. I'm still missing some of the bottles and the ingredients aren't here yet anyway.
They should be here on the 16th - still enough time for me to get some stuff out for Christmas. Or should I say Kwanzaa?

check in with ya later,


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Season 1, Day 68 - What's New With Vee

Still on da' grind, yo. lol.

Didn't really do anything outside the home this weekend except get Jordan a hamster and cage.
But Friday night I was up all night picking out ingredients, bottles, jars, tins, pots, and other packaging supplies. Saturday morning I made the decision to buy everything. Saturday evening I did just that, and Sunday I spent a good part of the day just visualizing and co-creating the **quality of my products and the success of my beauty line.

Yep, you guessed...I'm ready to start making products for **my beauty line. I'm going to be giving some sample bottles as part of my marketing and promotion. I'm going to playing around with different scents, aromas, flavors, etc., mixing them and matching them. My first batch of products will include hair milk and moisturizer, hot oil treatment (which can also be used at room temperature for on the spot conditioning;-), hand & foot scrubs, a skin cleanser, facial mask/exfoliator, moisturizing hand and body lotions and creams, body oils, under-eye sticks for puffiness and dark circles, and assorted lip balms.

I'm so excited. I've already drawn out what I want the labels to look like, the slogan, and some other promotions things. When I receive the bottles, I'm going to take one of each size to the printing company with me when I go to get my custom labels made. Wanna make sure they fit.
I also ordered shrink wrap for the lip balm tubes and jars. I've ordered lid covers for the jars.
And just wait to see what my ingredients list looks like! I've ordered some really good stuff. And got quite a few things from the supermarket too; things that are really good for us and good to us. I'm going to get a paper recycling machine and create my own unique beauty brochures.

Too excited!
Can't wait for my packages to get here.



PS. The weight loss is still on track.
Can't wait for that dressing and macaroni on Christmas!
I will definitely deserve some by then.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Season 1, Day 63 - My Natural Beauty line Products

...I just love the sound of that!
It has such a nice ring to it.

Well I haven't gone to bed yet. Hope this post posts as December 2nd, since it's just a little past midnight. Sometimes the times are just a wee bit off. And before you ask, yes I do have my account set in the right time zone.

So I'm up looking around the web at different types of emulsifiers. I found one which is relatively new, so not many products contain it. And it's totally natural, so that's a major plus. Not going to say exactly what it is, cause that wouldn't be such a good idea, huh?

But anyway, I am still working on my natural beauty line. I've mixed up a couple of remedies for some friends with different problems. One who's have some acne-type, facial outbreaks right now, and another who is having trouble with her son and severe dry scalp with large flakes. So they're basically testing the products for me. Of course I made the products specifically for them with their problems in mind. Can't wait to get the final verdicts;-)

I'm thinking too about going on and buying some packaging containers and labels. I think for Christmas this year, I'm going to be giving away my products instead of buying a bunch of gifts. I'd been telling Jordan about Kwanzaa anyway, so I'm thinking this would be a good time to start practicing as well.

Anyway, don't feel like editing tonight.
'bout to go to bed.
please excuse any typos.

Peace and love,

Monday, December 1, 2008

Season 1, Still day 62 - The Sun Got in my Eyes

And I almost forgot, my brother came to visit me yesterday, well Saturday, and made my day. Not only did I get a chance to feed him and spend time with him, but he took apart my external hard drive to figure out that there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with it at all!!!!

The cord for my brand new external hard drive was dead. Even though I'd left both the unit and the cord out in the hot sun the same day it quit working, it was the cord.
OMgosh! Just the cord. lol. hahahaha.

Thank You, GOD.

When it initially stopped working, I was devastated. Then I caught myself and refused to think that all my pictures, and chapters to the book I was writing, and all my other writings and important things were just lost forever. I rationalized that the folks on CSI could retrieve it if they had enough reason to. lol.

So I always had it in the back of my mind that **it could be fixed or that the files could at least be retrieved. But what my mind's eye was really seeing was that one day I was just going to plug it up and it was going to work. lol. And it would have happened just like that if only I'd tried using a different cord. Of course the cord didn't even seem like a likely cause of the malfunction to me since the unit had sat out in the HOT July Sun - which is a definite no-no for electronics - so nothing would have made me even think to try this.

But hey, what can I say?
The SUN got in my eyes.

I have been without my external hard drive for a longer period of time than the time I was actually able to use it.
It's just been sitting in my kitchen near the coffee pot doing nothing but staying free and safe from tiny hands. Oh well, and on occasion, trying to taunt me with questions like, "Can you really write all that stuff over? Do you really think those lost chapters are going to be better rewritten from scratch. Did you have copies of the best pictures saved in other places. And oh my, what about all the priceless videos of your baby boy."

After we put it back together - yeah, I helped a little - he decided to try to plug it into my cable box power cord. The blue light started dancing in circles and I jumped up and started dancing too.


Thanks for the Shades, Ric.
I love and appreciate you, bro.


PS. In case you're wondering why I'm blogging about this, well this was one of those things I helped to manifest and co-create through intention and positive thinking before ever getting started with the 100 day reality challenge;-)
That's why I felt I should let you guys in on it.

Season 1, Day 62 - Inspired, Energized, Motivated

Was watching Larry king Live as he interviewed Cristina Applegate and one of her hero's, Michael Beckwith. Their story was totally inspiring.

Flipped the channel after they were done talking and caught the last 16 minutes of Joel Osteen's sermon about obstacles and personal Goliaths. I was left energized.

Then I flipped back to Larry and Alicia Keys was talking about the AIDS project/building/foundation she's working on. Sounds so much like my **Start Over House, even though the **Start Over House is NOT specifically for AIDS. Not sure if I've mentioned it here or not, but AIDS/HIV is another issue that is of great importance to me and very near and dear to my heart. And although I too want a place for people who are HIV positive or who have AIDS, the concept Alicia was talking about sounded a whole lot like my **Start Over House. So I was even more motivated to do it after seeing her.

I thought about me and my life, my family, my accomplishments, my set-backs, my obstacles, my victories, my blessings and lessons, my heart breaks and let downs, my instances of total peace and awareness of it, and my Goliaths.

It's funny how we hear and see just what we need to hear and see when we need to hear and see it. BTW, Joel mentioned this too. But it's so true.

I know I'm destined to succeed with the seeds of inspiration that have been planted inside me. They are not of me. But they are who I am and what I'm supposed to be and do.

Thank you, Universe, for the inspiration, confirmation, and endless affirmations.

Peace, co-creators.
And be light...for others,


P.S. I kept my promise to myself not to let Thanksgiving steer me off course with my weight loss goals. I'm so happy about it, and I'm still doing well. I feel great about it. I do believe that **by the end of my 1st 100 days I will be leaner, stronger, and healthier.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Season 1, Day 55 - Productivity is so Invigorating to me.

Today was productive.
Didn't get no sleep, but it's all good.
I don't have to be at work until 9 tonight, so i still have time to take a nap.
Besides, this is going to be a short week. Since I don't work holidays or weekends, when I get off on Wednesday, I'll be off for almost a week.
Whoo hoo!!!

Today I did the core instructor part of one of the new projects I'm working on. I'm going to be a CPR/AED instructor. This will definitely add value to my present mission of promoting health & wellness, and disease prevention and education. Not to mention the experience will help me to be better prepared at being a yoga instructor. It has given me insight on all the dynamics that go into being an effective teacher. And sure I teach people things all the time, but not in an environment where people specifically come with the sole purpose of learning something to advance themselves, and never in a classroom setting where you have to deal with multiple personalities at the same time. So not only will I be able to add yet another service I can provide to the public while using it to create additional income, but it's also going to serve as preparation for bigger things to come.

Don't know if I'll get a chance to blog tomorrow or not.
If not...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
And don't do nothing I wouldn't do;-)


Sunday, November 23, 2008

Season 1, Day 54 - Quick Update

The dieting is coming along nicely. I'm so happy. I keep getting glances of the "old" me.

So glad Thanksgiving is coming soon. Not for the food, but for the mini vacation.

I changed my hair style. I designed it myself. It's extensions added to box puffs that look like a big, chunky Afro on the sides, back and top. In the front you can see the boxes. It's too cute,
so I took some pix.

Last week was a great week.
This week will be even better!

Be Light,


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Season 1, Day 53 - Running into it already!

I've been on my new job for less than a month and I'm running into BS already.
You know I was so thankful to get this job, and I still am. But believe me, working for someone else is never going to be ideal for me. NEVER!!!!

Employer politics are the same no matter where you go, even if dressed in a different disguise. And the demands they make of you are never really realistic, because they're made up by a boss sitting in an office with paper and figures in front of them, who is totally out of touch with the reality of the specific job. And the main focus is for the company to make as much money as possible; and hey, I can totally understand that. It's just not what I choose for myself. I don't choose to simply follow rules and be someone else's robot, while they gain wealth and flourish. I do, however, choose to be gracious and grateful and as agreeable as possible while I'm still in this place of working for others. See you have to be happy and grateful where you are in order to be lifted out of that situation and allowed to go to the next level. Instead of getting frustrated, I'm goint to instead, see it for what it is...a vehicle to take me where I want to go.

So there it is.
I'm thankful for employment in today's economy. I'm thankful for my benefits and salary. I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve others, while building good karma and planting good seeds. I'm grateful that God is using me to do his work by helping people who really need help. And most of all, I look forward to the day when I am doing all these things in my own business and by my own rules. I'm going to be an awesome employer!

Peace, love, & light, co-creators,

Monday, November 17, 2008

Season 1, Day 48 - What can I say?

So I haven't felt like blogging much lately; what can I say?
I've been adjusting to the whole going-to-work, dropping off/picking up-the-child-from-school thing. I know, I know, mothers have been doing this type of thing since they've been in the work force, but it's new to me. Seems so hard. My hat goes off to all the mothers who have been doing this without getting any recognition.

OK, on to the manifestation goals. I've set the first 100 days to be dedicated to me getting back on the road to fitness. I've been doing pretty good with my new eating. A friend of mine brought by a birthday cake for me, so I did a little splurging, but instead of falling completely off the wagon and staying off, I jumped right back on. Yeaaaaa for me.

My aunt called and asked if I would make dressing for Thanksgiving. I've decided that I will NOT make the dish, nor will I attend any Thanksgiving dinners. I love my family, and I'll probably drop in on them, but I am not going to put myself in temptation's way like that. The way I see it, there's going to be so many reasons to eat calorie-laden foods and snacks coming at me from every direction from now until after New Years, so I'd better prepare. And if I take off for all of them, as I did for my birthday, then well at the end of my 100 day challenge, I'll still be right where I am now. And that is NOT what I WANT.

be light, everyone.


PS. Don't know if I will go back and fill in any of the days I've missed blogging or not. Doesn't really seem very genuine if I do, even though I may have some stuff written down in my hard journal/notebook. We'll see.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Season 1, Day 46 - Go Vee...It's My Birthday!

Yep, another year older and another year wiser, I hope. lol.
So I'm at the age when birthdays are not as exciting as they use to be.
I'm almost ready to move to the next age category box, and I'm not sure how I like that.
Well I know I should be happy, cause what's the alternative to getting older, right? hahahaha

So yeah, I feel good. And I look pretty good too, if I do say so myself.
Or should I say look good for my age?
Heck nah!
How 'bout I just look good, period.;-0
And just wait 'til I skim off a few more years with the weight.
Really, you guys do know that pounds can add years to your look, right?

Anyway, the fitness train stopped at the station and I stepped off for just a minute to rest, eat some birthday cake, and drink a beer with a friend. lol. Think I'm going to spend the night here, listen to a little music, maybe drink a little wine, get naked and look at my 1-year older body in the mirror and tell her how beautiful she is, and then catch the first thing smokin' in the morning.

Peace, Love, & Light, y'all,

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Season 1, Day 35 - Unwritten

...because I never figured on seeing a day like this in my lifetime.
right now Obama's got a projected 207 electoral votes. Basically he's got this election in the bag.

I prayed last night that the best man would win. And can I tell you, I've actually gotten a little soft over McCain lately? He has been through an awful lot. So much so that it almost seems as if he's due to win. I know, just because he's gone through some rough time doesn't mean he'd be the best president, but still...

I see the hurt in his eyes and almost feel sad for him. And I'm being real here. So last night I prayed that the right person and best person would win, even though I selfishly want to be able to say, "President OBAMA." I do believe Obama wants the best for everyone. And the fact that he will be our first black president is absolutely telling when you look at where we've been and how far we've come. I am delighted that my 4 year old is growing up in a world where there is truly NO LIMIT as to what he can do or accomplish in this world. But you know what the sad part is? Without intervention from me and the "tribe" raising him, he'd most likely take it as much for granted as the non-voters take their right to vote for granted. To him, having a black president would just be, but it wouldn't be anything all that big. The blood, sweat, and tears shed for this privilege and we actually have folks who could care less.

Well, I'm going to make sure Jordan understands and never, ever takes any of it for granted. He already knows Obama. The other day he called him Morack Obama. lol. I was soooo tickled I didn't know what to do. Anyway, of course I corrected him and then explained how special this election is and why. He may not quite get it now, but I'm sure he will;-)

Peace, Love, Light, & Change!



Monday, November 3, 2008

Season 1, Day 34 - Election Day Eve

Tomorrow is such a big day. I'm so excited.
But I am truly exhausted from all the campaigning.
I don't want to watch CNN or MSNBC or Fox or anything else tonight.
Whew!! especially not Fox.

Nothing but comedy for me tonight.
I just need to laugh and chill out.
and tomorrow, I'm looking for CHANGE!

peace, love, & light, everyone.

and don't forget to vote!


Sunday, November 2, 2008

Season 1, Day 33 - Untitled

...because I don't know what to blog about today.
Not feeling very inspired at the moment.
I'm back in the rat race as far as working, but at least I have purpose this time, and I am very fortunate.
I saw a man on the news who had just lost his home to a fire.
So sad, especially with the holidays coming so soon.
Wish I could help. There are so many people around here who need help.
So many people who need a hand and some hope.

So not only am I thankful for my job, but I know it's a means to an end, and not just a way to put food on the table and pay the bills.
I saw this apartment complex not far from my home that I'd never noticed before. It's like it just sprang up from nowhere and now it's for sale. **I can picture myself buying it and turning it into a "start over" house for people who are trying to get back on their feet. A place where they could live for free for a few years while doing things to better themselves and become independent. A place with free daycare and nightcare, a learning/computer center, self-improvement and business seminars and workshops, career development, financial management and planning classes, parenting classes for men and women, health & wellness classes, etc. A place for sisterhood and brotherhood, love, and support. A place where we play baseball and basketball, and have family cookouts and picnics. A place where the sharing and giving and helping are contagious. A place where when a family moves out because they've gotten themselves together, they come back to volunteer their time and their knowledge to the new families, and share their stories of hope and inspiration.

Nah, I wouldn't make a dime, but you know what?
I wouldn't want to. That's NOT the purpose of this vision at all.
But I tell you what, I definitely wouldn't lose a thing.

Just putting it out there;-)


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Season 1, Day 32 - Relax and Breathe

I've always known how important is it to relax and meditate.
I knew how crucial it was for the mind to have that time to power down and reboot.
But I read something in a book yesterday that made me even more aware of why it is so important to spend quiet time alone everyday. I had an epiphany!

Meditation provides an opportunity to be in the present.
With our days and nights so full of the busy to-do lists or thinking about things in the past, whether good or bad, we hardly ever spend time just being present in the here and now.
And so that time just ends up being moments of our pasts before we even realize it.

Well I don't want to miss another single minute of my life.
I don't want anymore time to slip away.

**I will make time for me everyday. I will set aside at least 20 minutes out of my day to be still and be thankful.

peace, co-creators.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Season 1, Day 31 - TGI friggin Friday!!! Yeaaaaa

OMgosh, seems like this past week has been the longest week of my life.
It just kept going and going and going...
So glad it's over.

Still eating great.
Meditated around mid day (between classes)
Took Jordan trick or treating this evening around the neighborhood.
Today is my dad's birthday. He would have been 72.

I miss him so much. Miss my mom too.
Anyway, I'm not going to make this sad.
I'm so blessed to have been loved by them.
and I'm so much wiser because of knowing them.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

Season 1, Day 30 - I've Finally Decided...

I've decided what I want to accomplish most in the first season of CCOR.
I want to focus me and my weight, health, etc. Now I've talked a little about some of my many intentions and some of the things I want to manifest, and I'll probably continue to talk about them, but like I said in my very first post; I will keep my goals for the first season totally doable in 100 days. I will be finishing the first season at the end of December, with season 2 beginning on January 1st. How awesome! Right at the start of a new year.

My intention is to **start season 2 with a healthier, leaner, stronger body.

peace everybody,


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Season 1, Day 29 - Really? Day 29 already?

Boy, I need to get crackin'!
Almost 1/3 of the way to the finish line, and mostly all I've been doing is blogging.
Well, that's what this space is for, but still...
OK so I know that if I want to see some definite changes by the end of my first season, I really need to crank it up a gear or two.

The fasting thing is a near distant memory. I don't want to drink juice for a month. Just don't want to, so I'm not going to. It wasn't a sound decision anyway; it was a decision made out of haste. Me wanting some really quick results but not doing much work to get there. Today while I was getting breakfast on my way to orientation, I grabbed for a breakfast sandwich, then decided on a better choice. Lunch was light and for dinner, we had a large, green salad. My goal is to continue this for as long as I can. I'm not going to put any time frames on it. I just want to be healthy and eat healthy. So I looked in the mirror today and decided I liked what I saw. I'm NOT perfect, but I am perfectly me. Yeah, there's room for improvement, and I will work on being better - NOT skinnier. And the getting skinnier - wait, I don't even like how that sounds - and the getting leaner and healthier will be an added bonus.

Today's intention: **By the end of the first season, I will be leaner, healthier, better.
and at the end of the season, I'll post pics of me before and after.

g'night, journal;-)

Peace, Love, & Light, Co-creators,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Season 1, Day 28 - One down, a bunch more to go

Getting employment locally and starting my job has been my main focus lately.
So it probably looks like I haven't been actively manifesting anything for the past couple weeks, but it's just an illusion. Now that I've got that done and I've started investing in my retirement again, I can start concentrating on making the moves to renovate my house. You know, looking at different options to come up with the money to get all the renovations, repairs, and improvements done and figuring out which would be best for me.

I intend to turn my home into a personal care home. This will, in turn, free me up to work on my many passions. The Yoga Certification does not, however, rest on the personal care home opening. Now that I've gotten a job that will allow me to be off on the weekends, I can get started with that as well. I simply needed to make sure I was on a job I intended to be with for a while and have a regular source of income coming in. Yoga Certification takes anywhere from 9 - 12 weeks and usually costs between $2500 - $7000.

OK, good night journal.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Season 1, Day 27 - No Place Like Home

I am tired as heck today.
I sat through 8 hours of people talking, talking, talking,
only to stand in a really long line to early vote.
Did I mention the temperature dropped about
50 degrees as I was standing there?

I don't have anything to write about tonight.
I'm too tired.

Oh except...
there's no place like home!
there's no place like home!
there's no place like home!
...and, I sure do like my new job;-)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Season 1, Day 26 - The Fair and the Mini Circus

Jordan and I went to the fair today. It was a last minute decision and we had the times of our lives. Matter of fact, we just got in. My cousin called me earlier and I told her we were going to the park. When she mentioned she was taking her kids to the fair , I thought to my self, "that sounds like a good idea!" Not to mention, tonight was going to be the last night and the carnies would be packing everything up and leaving town tomorrow.

Jordan did most of the riding. I did ride the ferris wheel, Himalayan ride and carousel with him. The fast was out the window tonight, cause you know I wanted some good ole carnival food. There was a little, mini circus with 4 tigers and 8 dogs. lol. I know it sounds crazy, but it was so cute. We played games. We enjoyed each other and everyone else. We ate junk food. We had a ball!

Anyway, not much else to talk about.
Gotta go so I can hurry up and get ready for tomorrow.
First day or **work, ya know?

nite nite, journal.


PS. and I'm going to practice my moments of stillness before going to bed;-)


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Season 1, Day 25 - My Last Free Weekend for a While

I start my new job on Monday. I'm not complaining, not really. And the title's a little misleading, because I will actually be off every weekend, but this is my last free weekend before going back to a full-time job. That's good and a little sad at the same time. My goal is to be financially independent, making my money and providing for me and my family by doing the things I love, while doing them on my own time clock.

As it stands right now, when this year ends, I will have worked a total of 4 months as a nurse in 2008. Does that sound good or bad? Well let me tell ya, it was wonderful! How many people do you know can take off 8 months out of the year?
This year has been so inspiring to me. First of all because I took off after a dream. Secondly, I was playing by MY rules alone - NOBODY elses! And thirdly...it has made me hungrier than ever before to reach my dreams. **The next time I take off will again be my choice; however, I will be able to leave nursing for good at that time and make enough income working my passions to live as comfortably as I have for the past year, making the same, if not more, yearly salary that my present numbers at my new job would have pulled in had I worked there all year. Gotta be specific here, cause I know how this thing works. lol. And my personal care home will have gotten off the ground, housing at least 8 residents and my home will have become the self-sufficient, revenue-generating machine I envision today.

I guess there were some things I had to learn about being appreciative where you are before you're allowed to move on. So I've come full circle with nursing and the hospital I work for. I'm thrilled to be going back. I'm thrilled to be going to work on Monday.

But still it's sad to know this is my last free weekend for a while:-(

peace and light, co-creators.


Friday, October 24, 2008

Season 1, Day 24 - Full of it and Fasting

You know I've been struggling with my weight for a while now.
I'm still carrying around baby weight, but my baby is 4 YEARS OLD. lol
One good thing I can say about myself, though, is that I always find the turn-a-round point before it's too late. Meaning there is always a definite No-No place where I'll get to or see myself in a harsh enough light to get strong enough to make some real changes.

In the past, my buckling down and turning things around have never gone past that - turning things around. Cause for some reason, as soon as I start seeing the success I'm working so hard for, I start to slack up and take a break, which then turns into a major stand-still, or even worse, a total back slide.

Last night I revisited that No-No place when I took a naked look at myself from the back. And those back bulges, which weren't that noticeable a few days ago, were staring back at me like, "whut?!"

OK, they've GOT TO GO!
I'm all for being happy and content with yourself just as you are and loving everything about you, but I draw the line when I see something that is actually taking away from me, my health and natural beauty, and especially when it's something that can be totally in my control.

Do you know what "full of it" means? Well I am full of it, literally and figuratively!

Today I officially started to fast. I'm planning on doing it for 1 month, so I should be done by Thanksgiving. Now chances are that by then, my body will have gotten use to less fat and sugar and even meat, so I won't be able to indulge like I would want to, but the upside to that is that I won't feel deprived either - probably more like disgusted by all that grease and sugar.
The body is a funny thing, you know?
As soon as you start treating it better, it craves better;-)
And when you take away the bad stuff, it becomes grossed out by it if you try to reintroduce it.

Now I'm just fasting, but I'm going to post a body cleansing/detox regimen
(click here to see the article) for anyone interested in detoxing. It was given to me by a friend. His name is Yirser Ra Hotep, and he's a Kemetic Yoga Instructor, using the ancient Egyptian posturings in his practice, as seen and expressed in the artwork and spiritual writings found in the ancient tombs and temples. Based in Chicago, Yirser travels the world teaching and leading us into good health and quiet strength. So let me go on and put one of my intentions out there now. **After becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor myself, I will also become certified in Kemetic Yoga technique. I'm going to one of Yirser's Yoga Intensive Trainings in either Jamaica or one of the beautiful countries in Africa.
You can learn more about Yirser at http://www.yogaskills.com/.

Peace, love, & light everyone,

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Season 1, Day 23 - SHUT UP!

Oh, I'm not talking to my co-creating friends out there in the universe; I'm talking to the outside noise and distractions all around. Today I was determined to spend some quiet time by myself. My friend, Yvette, reminded me of how important it is to have "moments of stillness" to get reconnected with the Source. Thanks, Yvette, cause as much as I know this, I still forget sometimes. And when I get a few moments to myself, believe me, they're still not quiet moments, cause I'm too busy catching up on the things I "think" I've been missing. So today I dedicate to me. And to all the other insignificant static and clatter and chit-chatter...JUST SHUT UP!

Now. Thankyou.

Now where was I?

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Season 1, Day 22 - Painting with Donna Dewberry

I received my Donna Dewberry beginner's art supplies and DVD last week.
I looked at a little of the DVD last night, and today I felt inspired to begin my lessons. Didn't spend a whole lot of time with it; just basically trying to wrap my head around a few of the simplest techniques.

I can see this is going to be so fun.
And I think I'm going to be pretty good at it too.
My energy runs hottest when I'm allowed to be creative.
And Jordan had a ball learning how to load and dip his brushes.

I will definitely have to post some pics of my work as soon as I'm making art and not just playing with colors and one-stroke techniques.

OK journal, good night.

Peace, Love, Light & Creativity,


P.S. And I'm doing okay with the smoking too. Can't say I'm 100% smoke-free, but definitely working towards it. I had a total of 4 cigarettes today - bummed from my brother, of course. lol.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Season 1, Day 21 - Well, what can I say?

I don't have anything to talk about tonight.
Basically just journaling now to keep the energy going.
I'm getting a lot of affirmations and confirmation from the universe.
Lot's of things and circumstances steering me and leading me to only greatness knows where, but I'm loving and enjoying the journey.

Oh yeah, I've got something in the works with a very well known writer. He's agreed to give an interview to little ole me. Now I just need to sit down and write out the interview questions. So that's what's on my to-do list for this week. Got to get that done. For real. I'm so excited, but kinda nervous too. Anyway, I'll let you know as soon as I have the interview post ready to go live.

peace and light, co-creators,


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Season 1, Day 19 - Sunday Again Already?

Day number two without a cigarette. Or should I say a full cigarette?
Want to hear something disturbing and disgusting?
I went cigarette butt hunting tonight.
Now I know why they tell you to dump and wash all the ash trays once you've made up your mind to quit. But unlike the countless other times I've embarked on quitting, I didn't have any cessation products to help with the transition. You know, cause it was very spur of the moment?

Maybe I'll get some lozenges or patches or gum tomorrow.
But what would be really cool is if I make it over this hurdle with any of them.
yeah, that would be cool. And I'm really not all that anxious either. Just found myself mostly doing a little too much snacking. Definitely don't need to pick up any pounds.

Diggity dang it!
nite, nite,

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Season 1, Day 18 - I love Saturdays!

First of all, I apologize, journal, for not talking with you yesterday. By the time you came to mind, it was already after midnight, so I just decided to wait until I had something else to talk about before I started journaling again.

I woke up last night after a dream, I believe. Anyway, all I know is that it was about 3 o'clock in the morning and I had this overwhelming drive urging me downstairs to get rid of my cigarettes. Did it before I thought about it. I picked up the pack I had just bought and filled it with water, then threw it in the trash. Yeaaaa, I guess. Maybe this will be it for me. I've tried so many times to quit smoking. I see myself being successful this time, but the circumstances surrounding the "quitting" were so uneventful that it's almost hard to believe it's really happening. I've been thinking about getting started a lot lately and even though I knew I wanted to start during this 100 days, nothing about **October 18th, 2008 shouted Vee's official quit date.

So let me talk just a little about how this has manifested itself. I don't know and maybe it's all in my head, but if that's the case, let's just let it stay there. I like it there.
For the past few weeks, I've been actually getting nauseated by cigarettes. The smell, the look of the ashes in the ash tray, and the nastiest taste in my mouth during and after I smoke. And I ain't talking 'bout the cigarette taste, either. I'm talking about that taste you have when you know you're about to throw up, but if you could just drink something real fast to change that taste, then you won't. Know what I mean? Scrambled eggs and some tooth pastes, mouth washes, and gums do this to me too. I know, kinda strange, right?

Well anyway, I've been feeling like that a lot lately: with cigarettes, with greasy foods, with different spices and tastes. And my taste buds are getting funnier too. Seems as though I can taste everything in everything. For example, if the knife used to peel an apple was first used to carve a turkey, I'd be able to taste the turkey on the apple. And the fountain drink I had today was so disgusting that I now know that no one on earth should ever, NEVER EVER, drink a fountain drink again as long as they live. I could taste the mildew and rot and uncleanliness. It made me remember what the inside of the fountain machine looked like once when I worked at Burger Queen. It was so nasty, I can't believe I ever thought of drinking another fountain drink.
I envision that this is my body's way of purifying me and NOT anything that needs fixing;-)

Anyway, to test the theory, not only haven't I been smoking today, but I also decided to eat raw. I took my ginger-ale with me just in case (we went out to eat), but the nausea didn't come down on my like usual. I figured that even though I was raw, I wasn't organic, and that was probably the reason for the slight nauseated feeling I did get.

Boy I can't wait to have my own garden. I just can't wait to grow my own veggies and herbs and even raise my own fish! And who knows, I just may end up a raw vegan. Not sure yet. I have a friend who believes in it and swears by it, but I've told her that I didn't think I'd be able to eat hay and straw all day. Just never know though, do you? But I would definitely have to look into it. Would that contradict my desires of using the milk and eggs from the animals on my land in my beauty products, even if the animals were loved and nurtured and NEVER, ever slaughter or treated cruelly? Oh, and I love my dairy, too. Ok, make that a raw vegetarian! Maybe...

Good night, journal.

Peace, Co-Creators,


**Manifestation / Co-Creation universe return

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Season 1, Day 16 - Chaos and clutter: Think I need a maid!

Today was a clutter day.
I've got dirty clothes on the living room floor that need to be sorted and washed.
I've got clean clothes in the laundry room that need to be folded.
I've got folded, clean clothes on the pool table that need to be put away.
And me? Oh, I've sat and looked at all three piles all day. They're still there.
Makes me think that maybe I should be visualizing a maid, or at least visualizing me hiring a cleaning company, in my future. LOL

No, but really, the three piles signify mental and physical chaos to me, and how easy it to let something so small turn into a huge obstacle. My house, from the outside, looks like a total mess, but really, it's just a matter of randomness. Nothing big, just clothes. But it's much harder to get started because of the overwhelming visualization it's sending to me. The truth is that I can't clean up all three piles at the same time. It's not possible. And if I were to try that approach, I'd most likely get frustrated and just give up.

Looking at the mess from a co-creator perspective, however, I'd know my first action would be to focus on the clothes in the laundry room to make space and free the dryer, so I'd bring those clothes out to the pool table to fold. Next I'd start a load from the pile on the floor, then begin putting away the ones already folded (to make more space on the pool table for the ones that need folding). And I'd continue to work those three piles until there were gone.

See how that works? Making space is always the first step, whether it's by relaxing and meditating or just getting rid of some stuff that's taking up space - physical or mental. Once you free the clutter, it's easier to sit down and figure out the easiest and most efficient way to satisfactorily complete ALL the tasks.

Yeah, yeah, I did all that rambling basically to let you guys know that today was a lazy day and my house is a mess. But the ah-hah moment is knowing that even in the midst of this clutter, tomorrow there will be none.

Peace, love, light, & space,

P.S. I also worked on my mind movies today.
Boy did I download a lot of pics. whew!

P.P.S And after all that positive energy I sent out to Joe Plumber, he's not even a real person. Well he's real, but apparently not a licensed plumber, apparently wasn't even speaking of a real plumbing company, and apparently actually owes the government over $1,000 in taxes. But on a positive note, there is really a Joe the Plumber Plumbing business out there, and the energy is definitely trickling down to them and everyone else capitalizing on the new, blue collar icon, Joe.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Season 1, Day 15 - Joe Plumber and the Last Debate

Ok, this one is so loaded. It's 11:35 my time, and I don't even have the energy to go into discussing the debate. Matter of fact, I'll leave the politics for my VJBS blogsite. This site is for uplifting , elevating, and giving light and life to...

So I'm sending out a little positive energy to Joe, the plumber. I do have to say that Joe got so much coverage and publicity tonight, that he probably won't have to worry about business or being able to buy the company he's been working so hard for over the past ten to twelve - if I'm not mistaken - years. Nah, he should do just fine. He will do just fine. And the best part, he's "googlible" now.

Anyway, I'm tired. I'm going to bed now.
My physical for the **new job is tomorrow and I want to be well rested.

peace, journal.
To my readers, keep it light!
To Joe, I'm wishing you much success and prosperity. I truly hope you can see the blessings and opportunity in it all;-)

Nite, nite

**Manifestation / co-creation universe return

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Season 1, Day 14 - Natural Hair Care: Goal # 5 on my list

One of my goals is to achieve financial freedom and security. One stream of income contributing to this is my future title of Natural Hair Care Specialist with my own line of natural beauty products, which promote healthy hair and skin. So even when I'm spending quality time doing my son's hair, or experimenting with making my own products, it's also serving me by providing me with ideas and experience.

Right now I'm doing Jordan's hair. We're doing twists, so it's a little time consuming. Wouldn't be on an adult, but kids want a lot of breaks. So I'm letting him take a quick breath as I blog a little. To tell you the truth, I wanted a small break too;-) I'll post pics later of the finished product.

Today was productive. I concentrated mostly on the Green and Natural ideas for my beauty line. This morning while Jordan was in school, I did a little more research into natural remedies, recipes, ingredients, essential oils dilution ratios, etc. I also looked into different types of molds and packaging options: bottles, jars, tubes, cello bags, etc. I know that I want my beauty line company to be a GREEN company; that's for sure. And I want every ingredient to not only be nourishing, but added and mixed with love.

I've already bought the domain names for the company. Now I just need to give it a name. And in case you're wondering, no I didn't want the company or product name in the URL. The thought behind that was that if the URL is the name of the company, then most likely in the beginning, the only people who would find me are the people who already know me and the name of the company. Get it? I went with a really good concept instead so the domain name would be more globally universal, and yield more people who are looking for good, natural products, as opposed to people who are just looking for MY products ;-) But rest asured, I will definitely buy another domain name which includes the company name later. And by that time, I will have been inspired with the perfect name.

Did I mention I'm also a marketing consultant? Oh yeah, well I've got a lot of titles on my head right now. But this site is NOT about selling me. It's simply purposed to put my intentions and goals out into the universe for manifestation. It's about allowing my higher self to take over and lead the way to the life I envision for myself. It's about letting my light shine. HE did make us in His own image, right? He gave us power to create and manifest and prosper and be healthy and happy. That's what He wants for us all.
So Shine your light out loud. Maybe someone's searching in the darkness. -- Vee Jefferson, Jowaje Philosphy

I give thanks to the Almighty.
I am grateful and I am happy.

peace, love, & light,


Monday, October 13, 2008

Season 1, Day 13 - Much Ado About Nothing, a jack-o-lantern, and nappturality

Oops, almost forget to blog today.
I admit it, today was not a very co-creating kinda day.
Didn't do anything to make a step towards my goals and dreams today.
Then again, I worked on uploading pics for my mind movie last night until about 3:00 am this morning, so I guess that does count as today, huh?
Yeaaaaaa! I did take a creative, inspired step. Whew! I was feeling sorta bad about that. But that also means I didn't get enough sleep last night.

After I finished working on collecting the pics for my project, which has turned into a mind movies, co-creating series, I remembered that me and Jordan had forgotten to decorate his Styrofoam (ughhhhh! please believe me, my GREEN sisters and brothers, the Styrofoam was NOT my idea). The plate was sent home for us to make a pumpkin out of it. Well after we did church and a movie yesterday, I totally forgot about the school project. So you know, the Momma Frances - that's my momma, with her cheerleading cheerer, eternal band chaperoning, active with the PTAing, helpful with my school projects self - came out of me and I did it myself.

It was cute, but actually too cute. Didn't look like a 4 y/o did it. Jordan woke up, for some odd reason last night, and instead of making him go back to sleep, I let him 4-year-old up the plate pumpkin. He took off my Lima-beaned smile and added a green, candy fruit slice instead. He added a little more paint, which made the coat unevenly perfect, and added some random raisin moles to the face. And the end result was 4 year old perfection. So much better than mommy's version.

And let me add this, before you go reporting me to children's services or something for letting my preschool aged child work on a school project at 4 am, just remember that this is the stuff that real memories are made of: life's random, unconventional adventures.

BTW, Jordan and I picked up a real pumpkin from the grocery store - I'd bought the decorative tools and instruction manual about a week ago - and we did a pumpkin of our own. Of course he picked out the most tedious of all the designs for mommy to carve out, and got grossed out by cleaning out the seeds, but I think it turned out pretty well. Now, just gotta tackle Jordan's head.

Note: click the pics to enlarge them.

He's wearing a chunky Afro right now, but it's about to expire. Yes, natural dos do have an expiration date. I washed and conditioned it. I'd planned on doing some twists, but he didn't feel like sitting long enough. An hour in kid time seems like an eternity to them. But I decided to post a couple of pics of his Chunky fro along with a few other natural styles ;-)
I think he looks soooooo adorable. And I think the people at school are finally starting to GET IT now too, that he's NOT a product of a lazy mom, but is just embracing his naturalness.

Jordan's Natural Journey

Doing da twist! and a little Karate.
Jordan's 4th birthday (May 2008)

The Trusty braids. Perfect in the summertime.
Jordan at the hotel pool in Atlanta.

Jordan sportin' more twists!
No special day. I just like taking pics;-)

Jordan's 3rd day of school.
His aunt braided his hair, but it was way too tight.
He was getting those little, red bumps on his edges (eek!)
So this style was the result of getting rid of that do.
Don't you just love the versatility of being natural?
You can make just about anything work!

Jordan on the way to school.

And The CHUNKY Afro!
I love it!

Ok journal, nitey nite!
And as always to my readers,
Peace, Love, light & Nappturality,

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Season 1, Day 12 - TGI Sunday

Church was great!
Thank you, Rev. Goodman. I enjoyed the service and the singing.
I almost joined today. Don't know what stopped me. Then again I guess it was me. But I did sign up to do some volunteer work. Now I just need to officially join the church and maybe possibly the choir too.

Jordan and I stopped to eat lunch and I met a wonderful spirit. Her Name is Ferneasa Cutno Booker, of Cutno Dance Center in Augusta. I'd heard about this young lady a while back and was fascinated by what she was doing in the community with her dance studio. So today was the day, I guess, for me to meet her. She was an extremely warm and open soul from the first moment we saw her. She greeted my son as if she already knew him, and her family was beautiful.

I'm sure this was a connection that was meant to be made. Can't wait to see what comes next. Perhaps I have some knowledge for her and she has some for me.

Ok, off to the movies. We're going to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua.
I'll tell you all about it later.

Peace, love, and happy Sunday,

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Season 1, Day 11 - To do list for next week

1. Start on Vision board.
2. Make at least one manifestation video , or mind movie, for CCOR
3. Share my work with the CCOR family
4. Explore some of the different groups on CCOR to see which ones I'd like to join.
5. Start reaching out and connecting with other members. (make at least 2 new friends)
6. Make an original spoken word video. Been meaning to do that for a while.

Season 1, Day 11 - My Jordan Inspired Epiphany

Nothing big to report on today.
I cleaned the house, swept and mopped the hard wood, vacuumed.
Took out the trash and changed the bed linen. You know, the usual for a Saturday.
Me and Jordan are planning on going to church in the morning. We haven't been in a while. He's been, but just not with me. I haven't been in months myself. And last night after he told me about recently going to church with his uncle and playing with the kids in the children's ministry, I decided we really needed to go soon.

You ever had that parental moment when you were embarrassed and tickled at the same time. Well I had one last night.
Jordan told me he had gotten mad at the teacher at church last time he went cause she didn't let him sing his song. He said she'd picked another boy instead. After questioning him about it to get the full picture, I was absolutely appalled - absolutely appalled at myself!

This is how it went down. She asked the kids if they had a song to sing. Jordan volunteered and after hearing his song, she chose someone else. Jordan had chosen to sing Corbin Bleu's, Push it to the Limit. He said the other boy sang a song about God. And he honestly felt upset that she'd dismissed him and his song and couldn't for the life of him figure out why. All he knew was that he was mad at her. That's when I realized that I hadn't taught him enough church songs. Talk about embarrassed. But at the same time, I couldn't help but laugh. I imagined the teacher's face when Jordan started belting out his fav song. I also imagined what probably went through her head about me. lol.

So we're going to church in the morning. And I'm NOT taking him to the children's ministry either. He's going to be with me in the main church. I want him to hear the songs we sing, as well as what the minister is going to be talking about. Not to mention, this will be a step towards my goal of spiritual harmony and participating more in the church.

Yes God, I got the message loud and clear. And Thank YOU.

And I'm going to make a really big, "feastful" breakfast in the morning before we go: pancakes, sausage, turkey bacon, eggs, grits, etc. Now this may not sound like a big thing to most of you, but anyone who knows me knows that I haven't really cooked this kind of breakfast since my dad died a couple of years ago. It's a shame when the Waffle House puts a smile on your baby's face that you know you could easily put there yourself, while adding a whole lot of love to the ingredients;-)

Peace, love, & light, everyone,

PS. Just kinda wish Rev. Moss was still there:-(

Friday, October 10, 2008

Season 1, Day 10: Yowser, yowser, yowser...I feel Good!

Ok, Ok, so I didn't post on yesterday.
But at least I'm happy about the reason why.
I was asleep. Went to bed earlier last night than I have in months.
And this is a great thing, cause one of my goals is to be healthy and balanced, which includes getting enough rest every night. My son's getting enough rest these days since he's in school, but me - I'm still up late every night and then up early to take him to school.

The goal was for him to get 8-10 hours/night and my personal goal is to get 7-8 hrs/night.
Since I'm a night shift worker, it's hard to turn it around on my days off, even though I'm not working right now. But the wonderful thing about me is that I'm not an insomniac. I just hate going to sleep at night cause I look at it like it's my alone time, my me time.

So last night I decided to take a whopping dose of benadryl (just 50mg) so I would have no choice over the matter. I needed some rest and was determined to get it. I watched Larry King Live and then a little AC360, but by the time he announced the No. 2 name on the Most Wanted List for the people most responsible for the Wall Street Crumble, the TV was watching me. I fell asleep on the couch and my brother woke me up at about 12:30am. I raced upstairs to my bed and fell right back to sleep. Oh well, guess I'll catch No. 2 and No. 3 tonight.

Now today, everything looks brighter. I feel good. I feel like singing. Today will probably be a very productive, manifesting, optimistic day.

peace, love, and good sleep,


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Season 1, Day 8 - Uh oh, I forgot...& Hey Mister, Mister

Today wasn't bad, but I did drop the ball in one area. You know I'm looking to have complete balance in my life. And that means taking care of myself and every area of my life from my son to my home, all the way to taking care of my dogs' needs. Well today I did manage to bring the dogs in because I knew the rain was coming, but after I put them in the garage, I totally forgot about them and dang it, just plain forgot to feed and water them all day. Well they did have some leftover food in their bowls, but still. Dogs are so loyal, though. They may have been thirsty, but they weren't mad at me at all.

So sorry Zion. So sorry Samson.

What new manifestations do I see in the works. Well, I talked to a wonderful guy friend yesterday, that I may possibly like for more than just a friend;-) But hey, only time will tell and I will NOT rush it.

Oh, and I bought a few things from the shopping channel for myself. I bought some gem stone rings that were awesome and a Donna Dewberry beginner's paint set with instructional DVD's. I have a birthday coming soon. The rings I bought because I loved the stories behind the gems, loved the look of them, and could picture the perfect, little outfits that they would compliment. Operative word here being little;-)
And the paint set because I've always wanted to learn how to paint. I could visualize being outside at my ranch, relaxing in the serenity flower garden, and painting, while breathing in the smell of the sweet, clean, green air.

btw, this is totally not my usual thing. Don't remember the last time I bought something off TV. But then again, that's why I probably should have taken my behind to bed earlier. lol. That's how they getcha, ya know? When you're tired and sleepy, everything looks like a must-have.

Until next time, journal.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Season 1, Day 7 - Short and Sweet

Today is a good day. I took a much needed nap and dreamed much more quickly than usual. You know it usually takes about 2 hours of sleep to get to the deep REM sleep which allows you to dream. Today i woke up after only an hour and remembered my dream. It wasn't anything special that I can think of at this time, but the sleep itself was very refreshing and rejuvenating.
I feel strong and healthy. I feel loved. I feel blessed. I feel inspired. and I feel at peace.


PS. I may come back a little later and add a little to this blog. But my main goal is to blog everyday, even if I have nothing specifically to blog about. Can I do it? Can I blog everyday for 100 days. We'll see...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Season 1, Day 6 - Today was an Absolutely Fabulous Day!

Today was my son's first day of school. So I guess you'd ask why he'd be starting in October?
Well, that has everything to do with the things I told you'd I'd been co-creating and co-manifesting over the past couple months.

I resigned from my job of 5 plus years to move to California in December, 2007. My plan was to take off 3 months and then become a travel nurse. I changed my plans because I didn't see what I wanted, fitting into what looked like the best path for me. I ended up taking a job in Atlanta 6 months later for a host of reasons which never quite panned out either. Well one thing I know is that when you're working against the grain of the master plan, or trying to make something happen that really shouldn't be, even if for reasons unknown to you on the conscious level, then guess what? It's just not going to work, period!

So after I'd started working in Atlanta as a local traveler - meaning they paid my mileage and put me up in a hotel while I was there working - it was sooooo not working for me. I chose Atlanta for several reasons.

1. Yoga Certification is offered there
2. I met a awesome, natural sister who was going to train me to be come a natural hair care specialist and we were - we are, I mean - going to trade specialty training and do a little bartering. And this was a fantabulous idea to me.

Those were the two things I wanted to accomplish in Atlanta. Still are. But the driving back and forth once, sometimes twice a week, was so non-conducive to my son's stability, not to mention my sanity. It was driving me nutty butty!

He's 4 and needs to be in school. So then I guess you'd say, well Vee you knew that when you accepted the job. Well you're right. But I'd also envisioned that I would be in Atlanta more than at home. I'd planned on putting him in school there and having his dad to help me with him. And again, like I said, when it's not right, it's not going to work. So circumstances kept me from being able to spend most of my time there and basically kept me running back and forth. So I knew I had to manifest some definite changes and fast. Which brings me to this blog and filling in the gap on the things I actually manifested even before I officially started season 1 of the CCOR 100 day Reality Challenge.

What I needed was to be back at my prior company, with my old salary (the new hospital was quite a pay cut) and my old benefits (the new hospital's retirement and health insurance were not great, at least not in comparison to what I was use to). But I needed a few new perks. I needed a shift that would allow me to be able to put my son in school, drop him off, and pick him up without having to rely on anyone else - put not your faith in man; only leaves room for disappointment and let-down. I needed to be off on the weekends so I could get to Atlanta for whatever trainings and certifications I needed. And I desired to be able to be off on holidays, although this was NOT a prerequisite. I wanted for there to still be a spot available in a pre-k program that was close to my home. And I wanted and needed to be stable and stationary and happy with my job.

So now let me tell you how it all manifested itself for me. I was putting these things out in the Universe and praying, while feeling thankful for haven already been blessed with them. I applied for several jobs without getting many bites. Whenever I would start to feel disappointed, I would just remind myself that that was NOT where I needed to be, and that I just had to be patient and wait for the one that was perfect for me and going to fulfill ALL my needs.

I called the recruiter at the company that I most wanted to work for and asked him what I needed to do to really stand out since these jobs are not easy to come by. I mean basically you have to wait for someone to retire to get a job like the one I wanted, cause EVERYONE wants to have set schedules, be off on weekends, not to mention holidays. So after I spoke with him, I applied for a couple more positions I didn't know about before the conversation;-) But the real bite came from an unexpected call that had nothing to do with employment.
ah hah! You know that's how it works.

So a very good friend, with whom I'd fallen out of touch with, just happened to call me one day. We hadn't spoken in months; still friends, just both wrapped up in our own lives. Well after we'd chit-chatted for a while, I mentioned I was trying to get back to my old company. She'd recently gotten her RN after haven been an LPN for years, so she was telling me about her fabulous, new job that just so happened to be at the company where I wanted to come back to. While telling me about the position and hours, she told me to go on and apply and she'd talk to her manager, who btw, was looking to hire a few good nurses;-)

Oh yeah, and in late September (the Saturday after the hurricane that jacked the gas prices to $12.50/gallon), on my way home from a grueling work week and extra long drive because of having to travel 3 hours out of the way, both directions, making the usual 2 hour trip, now a 5 hour trip, I saw a sign that stated, "Pre- K Spots Available," on a sign of a local, private school, which offers a fantastic Pre-K program about 1 and a half miles from my home. I registered my son knowing full well that I had no idea when he would be able to start, because I was still traipsing back and forth to Atlanta. But I decided that not only would I give thanks for the job like the job was already mine, but I'd also move and think and make decisions as if the job were already mine.

Needless to say I got an interview. I got the job. Monday through Thursday, 10 hour days, off every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and off on all holidays. Not to mention the awesome benefits package! I start at the end of the month. And after I spoke with my manager in Atlanta and told her I'd be resigning, but would be willing to give a 2 week notice (God knows I didn't want to, but I never just leave a job without the proper notice. It's just not who I am), she freed me on that very same week. No, not because I was a bad worker. On the contrary, she actually tried to see if there was anything she could do to keep me. But since she couldn't, and the fiscal year was coming to a close at the end of September, she wanted my resignation on last year's records, rather than the coming new biz year (the floor gets penalized for poor nursing retention).

So there, I was out of that without burning any bridges. Well maybe one, but it couldn't be avoided. I'm sure she was very disappointed that I'd only been employed there for 3 months. and yes, I know it doesn't sound good, but...it...just...was...not...working! And I'm a single parent, so I've got make decisions based on OUR needs and NOT out of loyalty, unless it's loyalty to my son and myself.

Thank you, God. Thank you, Universe. I feel so blessed.

Okay, back to the story. Jordan started pre-k today. I was so proud of him. He was such a little man. And guess what? I was the one who broke down. lol.

After I picked him up from school, I brought him home and made dinner, which was a healthy, square meal, low in fat. I read 101 Dalmatians and The Lion King to him, fully animated. Then I fed and "watered" the dogs - my dad use to say that. While I was outside, it was like everyone was either walking or jogging - just outside enjoying themselves. So Jordan and I took a walk around the neighborhood (approx. 1 mile). When we got back, i was so charged I cleaned the garage, gave Jordan a bath, put him to bed, and still had time for me to relax by myself. Now this may not sound like much to some of you, but for me, it was awesome. Very rarely do I have the energy to do this much stuff in only a few hours. And when I break it down, yesterday was the most productive I've had in a long time.

peace co-creators,


Sunday, October 5, 2008

Season 1, Day 5 - Financial Freedom

The Road to Financial Freedom:
Manifesting my home into a business

So today was pretty productive.
I spent most of my manifesting energy today on co-creating my personal care home.

I spoke with my sister-in-law, Birdie, who is a financial advisor, about the steps I need to take in order to transition my house into a personal care home. We came up with a few different solutions on getting the money to make home repairs, improvements, and updates to make sure my home is in compliance with state regulations.

We talked about everything from refinancing to getting a home equity loan. We talked about the value of my home, getting an adjustor, how credit scores are viewed, debt to income ratio, etc. The talk was very enlightening, especially since this is her area of expertise. We also talked about Money markets and the importance and advantages of keeping my business income separate from my earned income, getting term life insurance, and starting a college fund for Jordan.

So now I know my first step in getting this thing started.
Baby steps. Yeah I know, baby steps, but still they're steps in the right direction.

Ok, gotta go. Getting ready to get Jordan to bed. He just had his bath and brushed his teeth.
Tomorrow's a big day for both of us. He's starting school. Isn't that awesome?!!
My baby's growing up so fast:-(

nighty nite, journal.
talk to ya tomorrow.

PS. and don't let me forget to tell you about all the things I've co-created and co-manifested over the past couple of months. Even though i'm officially just starting the challenge now, I've been helping to manifest lots of good things lately. Just haven't been logging it;-)

and oh yeah, maybe tomorrow I'll work out at the gym. I'll keep you posted!

peace, love, & light,

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Season 1, Days 1-4: The Overview

OK, I've decided to get on board the CCOR 100 day reality challenge. Lilou Mace is the founder and the group has really taken off since its creation; almost 2000 members in 125 countries. That's pretty amazing. I found Lilou on Youtube not long after learning about The Secret. I was sucked into her co-creating/manifesting a ticket for the Oprah Winfrey show and meeting Oprah. I've been a fan ever since. I even featured The CCOR 100 day reality challenge on my VJBS blog back in November of 2007. You can imagine my excitement when she came by and left a comment. I joined CCOR a while back and after about a year of procrastinating since going live with the post, I've finally decided to get started. So I'm really excited. My plan is to write a little everyday about the things I want to manifest, what I'm doing to help manifest them, and my progress.

So for my very first post, I'm simply going to run down a few of the things I want to manifest. Some will be possible in 100 days, and others will be listed for the sheer purpose of putting them out into the universe to manifest in the future. Both baby steps and gigantic leaps will be included in my journaling, but I will set realistic goals for myself to be completed in the first 100 days.

So here goes. I want to work towards:

1. Spiritual Harmony
Working more in the church (choir, ministries, volunteering - not quite sure how or what)

2. A Healthy Body
To start and stick with a healthier way of life for me and my son.
To be fit, flexible, balanced, and strong
Fast & Detoxify my body
Exercise at least 3 times a week
Drink enough water EVERY day
Eat more healthily
Quit Smoking

3. Volunteering more of my time and resources
Especially during this holiday season (food, clothing, etc.)
The health department: HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention
Youth mentoring/counseling/educating in the schools
Possibly making house call to administer flu shots

4. Love
To find the mate (man) God wants me to have
and have True love, Unconditional love
with a man who loves my son and me in the purest sense, flaws and all.
A man who can laugh at his own flaws and imperfections
A man who believes laughter is important
A man who desires to see us happy and healthy, wanting only the best for us.
A man I can trust to be the king in our castle and surrender control to
To be Our Protector and Covering

5. Financial Independence and Security
To be able to continue nursing until I decide to leave
Entrepreneur/business success
Certified Yoga Instructor with a successful following
Certified Natural Hair Care Specialist
Successful Beauty Line for hair and skin
Wholistic Health and Wellness Coach
Successful Writer/Author

6. Making home improvements to Present Home
Repairs and Updates to meet required standards for Personal Care Home
House 8 - 9 residents (Elderly? Mentally Retarded? AIDS/HIV patients?)
Employ 4 assistants, 2 drivers, and outsource the cooking/cleaning
Home becomes a self-sufficient business while providing service to others.
And I move into my dream home

7. a Serene and Relaxing New Home
10-15 acres of land with a woodsy background in the rear.
nice home
Vegetable, herb, and flower Gardens and green house
5 Cows and 1 Bull and lots of land to graze (not for slaughter, but for the manure for the gardens, and the milk for the beauty products)
a few chickens (not for eating, but for the eggs --> beauty products and food)
Large Fishing pond with boat, dock, bridge with wooded area with wooden benches/table and large grill behind the pond and over the bridge.
2 apple trees, 2 pear trees, 2 peach trees, 2 fig trees, 1 pecan tree, a strawberry patch
Horses and stable, one horse carriage and large area to ride
large barn with tractors and other farming equipment
long, beautiful nature trail around the perimeter of the land
Pool and pool house with deck
Tennis/basketball court
play area for kids in the back yard.
yoga/meditation area in the flower garden near ornamental fish pond, with hammocks and nature-themed furniture.

I envision my new home and yard to be a place of peace, beauty, serenity, with a self-sufficient, and self reliant supply of food. So when I want fish, I'll go fishing. When I want vegetables or fruit, I'll pick, pluck, or dig them up. I will make my beauty products mostly from the things I grow. My vegetables will taste richer, sweeter, better than anything in a grocery store. the farmer's market may come in second place. I will sell some of my organic foods and beauty products in my natural health store, which will be in the same building as my yoga studio. And the foods I give away to family and friends with be me giving away a piece of myself. I will also have a successful beauty line, manufacturing and distributing my products all over the US and online.

8. More Children
?? 2 more children and possibly adopt a few.

9. Making a difference in the world - better, safer, greener, wiser.

10. Traveling the world. But first I'd like to drive cross country - with no regard to time - in a huge RV with my family. Oh maybe a 6 month trip? Jordan will be home schooled during that time;-)

I'd also like to:

11. Swim with dolphins and pet a whale.

12. Go scuba diving and help to build some man-made coral reefs.

13. See what it feels like to be in a room with zero gravity.

14. Taste a true African pineapple in Africa.

15. Meet Senator Barack Obama (and his family) and possibly work with the future President on a few issues near and dear to my heart.

OK, that's all for now.
Good night journal.

peace, love, & light,

PS. Tomorrow I will get more specific on a couple of tasks.
But today...well today I'm just enjoying the dreaming and visualizing;-)