Saturday, November 1, 2008

Season 1, Day 32 - Relax and Breathe

I've always known how important is it to relax and meditate.
I knew how crucial it was for the mind to have that time to power down and reboot.
But I read something in a book yesterday that made me even more aware of why it is so important to spend quiet time alone everyday. I had an epiphany!

Meditation provides an opportunity to be in the present.
With our days and nights so full of the busy to-do lists or thinking about things in the past, whether good or bad, we hardly ever spend time just being present in the here and now.
And so that time just ends up being moments of our pasts before we even realize it.

Well I don't want to miss another single minute of my life.
I don't want anymore time to slip away.

**I will make time for me everyday. I will set aside at least 20 minutes out of my day to be still and be thankful.

peace, co-creators.


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