Sunday, November 2, 2008

Season 1, Day 33 - Untitled

...because I don't know what to blog about today.
Not feeling very inspired at the moment.
I'm back in the rat race as far as working, but at least I have purpose this time, and I am very fortunate.
I saw a man on the news who had just lost his home to a fire.
So sad, especially with the holidays coming so soon.
Wish I could help. There are so many people around here who need help.
So many people who need a hand and some hope.

So not only am I thankful for my job, but I know it's a means to an end, and not just a way to put food on the table and pay the bills.
I saw this apartment complex not far from my home that I'd never noticed before. It's like it just sprang up from nowhere and now it's for sale. **I can picture myself buying it and turning it into a "start over" house for people who are trying to get back on their feet. A place where they could live for free for a few years while doing things to better themselves and become independent. A place with free daycare and nightcare, a learning/computer center, self-improvement and business seminars and workshops, career development, financial management and planning classes, parenting classes for men and women, health & wellness classes, etc. A place for sisterhood and brotherhood, love, and support. A place where we play baseball and basketball, and have family cookouts and picnics. A place where the sharing and giving and helping are contagious. A place where when a family moves out because they've gotten themselves together, they come back to volunteer their time and their knowledge to the new families, and share their stories of hope and inspiration.

Nah, I wouldn't make a dime, but you know what?
I wouldn't want to. That's NOT the purpose of this vision at all.
But I tell you what, I definitely wouldn't lose a thing.

Just putting it out there;-)


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