Saturday, November 15, 2008

Season 1, Day 46 - Go Vee...It's My Birthday!

Yep, another year older and another year wiser, I hope. lol.
So I'm at the age when birthdays are not as exciting as they use to be.
I'm almost ready to move to the next age category box, and I'm not sure how I like that.
Well I know I should be happy, cause what's the alternative to getting older, right? hahahaha

So yeah, I feel good. And I look pretty good too, if I do say so myself.
Or should I say look good for my age?
Heck nah!
How 'bout I just look good, period.;-0
And just wait 'til I skim off a few more years with the weight.
Really, you guys do know that pounds can add years to your look, right?

Anyway, the fitness train stopped at the station and I stepped off for just a minute to rest, eat some birthday cake, and drink a beer with a friend. lol. Think I'm going to spend the night here, listen to a little music, maybe drink a little wine, get naked and look at my 1-year older body in the mirror and tell her how beautiful she is, and then catch the first thing smokin' in the morning.

Peace, Love, & Light, y'all,

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