Monday, November 17, 2008

Season 1, Day 48 - What can I say?

So I haven't felt like blogging much lately; what can I say?
I've been adjusting to the whole going-to-work, dropping off/picking up-the-child-from-school thing. I know, I know, mothers have been doing this type of thing since they've been in the work force, but it's new to me. Seems so hard. My hat goes off to all the mothers who have been doing this without getting any recognition.

OK, on to the manifestation goals. I've set the first 100 days to be dedicated to me getting back on the road to fitness. I've been doing pretty good with my new eating. A friend of mine brought by a birthday cake for me, so I did a little splurging, but instead of falling completely off the wagon and staying off, I jumped right back on. Yeaaaaa for me.

My aunt called and asked if I would make dressing for Thanksgiving. I've decided that I will NOT make the dish, nor will I attend any Thanksgiving dinners. I love my family, and I'll probably drop in on them, but I am not going to put myself in temptation's way like that. The way I see it, there's going to be so many reasons to eat calorie-laden foods and snacks coming at me from every direction from now until after New Years, so I'd better prepare. And if I take off for all of them, as I did for my birthday, then well at the end of my 100 day challenge, I'll still be right where I am now. And that is NOT what I WANT.

be light, everyone.


PS. Don't know if I will go back and fill in any of the days I've missed blogging or not. Doesn't really seem very genuine if I do, even though I may have some stuff written down in my hard journal/notebook. We'll see.

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