Monday, October 6, 2008

Season 1, Day 6 - Today was an Absolutely Fabulous Day!

Today was my son's first day of school. So I guess you'd ask why he'd be starting in October?
Well, that has everything to do with the things I told you'd I'd been co-creating and co-manifesting over the past couple months.

I resigned from my job of 5 plus years to move to California in December, 2007. My plan was to take off 3 months and then become a travel nurse. I changed my plans because I didn't see what I wanted, fitting into what looked like the best path for me. I ended up taking a job in Atlanta 6 months later for a host of reasons which never quite panned out either. Well one thing I know is that when you're working against the grain of the master plan, or trying to make something happen that really shouldn't be, even if for reasons unknown to you on the conscious level, then guess what? It's just not going to work, period!

So after I'd started working in Atlanta as a local traveler - meaning they paid my mileage and put me up in a hotel while I was there working - it was sooooo not working for me. I chose Atlanta for several reasons.

1. Yoga Certification is offered there
2. I met a awesome, natural sister who was going to train me to be come a natural hair care specialist and we were - we are, I mean - going to trade specialty training and do a little bartering. And this was a fantabulous idea to me.

Those were the two things I wanted to accomplish in Atlanta. Still are. But the driving back and forth once, sometimes twice a week, was so non-conducive to my son's stability, not to mention my sanity. It was driving me nutty butty!

He's 4 and needs to be in school. So then I guess you'd say, well Vee you knew that when you accepted the job. Well you're right. But I'd also envisioned that I would be in Atlanta more than at home. I'd planned on putting him in school there and having his dad to help me with him. And again, like I said, when it's not right, it's not going to work. So circumstances kept me from being able to spend most of my time there and basically kept me running back and forth. So I knew I had to manifest some definite changes and fast. Which brings me to this blog and filling in the gap on the things I actually manifested even before I officially started season 1 of the CCOR 100 day Reality Challenge.

What I needed was to be back at my prior company, with my old salary (the new hospital was quite a pay cut) and my old benefits (the new hospital's retirement and health insurance were not great, at least not in comparison to what I was use to). But I needed a few new perks. I needed a shift that would allow me to be able to put my son in school, drop him off, and pick him up without having to rely on anyone else - put not your faith in man; only leaves room for disappointment and let-down. I needed to be off on the weekends so I could get to Atlanta for whatever trainings and certifications I needed. And I desired to be able to be off on holidays, although this was NOT a prerequisite. I wanted for there to still be a spot available in a pre-k program that was close to my home. And I wanted and needed to be stable and stationary and happy with my job.

So now let me tell you how it all manifested itself for me. I was putting these things out in the Universe and praying, while feeling thankful for haven already been blessed with them. I applied for several jobs without getting many bites. Whenever I would start to feel disappointed, I would just remind myself that that was NOT where I needed to be, and that I just had to be patient and wait for the one that was perfect for me and going to fulfill ALL my needs.

I called the recruiter at the company that I most wanted to work for and asked him what I needed to do to really stand out since these jobs are not easy to come by. I mean basically you have to wait for someone to retire to get a job like the one I wanted, cause EVERYONE wants to have set schedules, be off on weekends, not to mention holidays. So after I spoke with him, I applied for a couple more positions I didn't know about before the conversation;-) But the real bite came from an unexpected call that had nothing to do with employment.
ah hah! You know that's how it works.

So a very good friend, with whom I'd fallen out of touch with, just happened to call me one day. We hadn't spoken in months; still friends, just both wrapped up in our own lives. Well after we'd chit-chatted for a while, I mentioned I was trying to get back to my old company. She'd recently gotten her RN after haven been an LPN for years, so she was telling me about her fabulous, new job that just so happened to be at the company where I wanted to come back to. While telling me about the position and hours, she told me to go on and apply and she'd talk to her manager, who btw, was looking to hire a few good nurses;-)

Oh yeah, and in late September (the Saturday after the hurricane that jacked the gas prices to $12.50/gallon), on my way home from a grueling work week and extra long drive because of having to travel 3 hours out of the way, both directions, making the usual 2 hour trip, now a 5 hour trip, I saw a sign that stated, "Pre- K Spots Available," on a sign of a local, private school, which offers a fantastic Pre-K program about 1 and a half miles from my home. I registered my son knowing full well that I had no idea when he would be able to start, because I was still traipsing back and forth to Atlanta. But I decided that not only would I give thanks for the job like the job was already mine, but I'd also move and think and make decisions as if the job were already mine.

Needless to say I got an interview. I got the job. Monday through Thursday, 10 hour days, off every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and off on all holidays. Not to mention the awesome benefits package! I start at the end of the month. And after I spoke with my manager in Atlanta and told her I'd be resigning, but would be willing to give a 2 week notice (God knows I didn't want to, but I never just leave a job without the proper notice. It's just not who I am), she freed me on that very same week. No, not because I was a bad worker. On the contrary, she actually tried to see if there was anything she could do to keep me. But since she couldn't, and the fiscal year was coming to a close at the end of September, she wanted my resignation on last year's records, rather than the coming new biz year (the floor gets penalized for poor nursing retention).

So there, I was out of that without burning any bridges. Well maybe one, but it couldn't be avoided. I'm sure she was very disappointed that I'd only been employed there for 3 months. and yes, I know it doesn't sound good,! And I'm a single parent, so I've got make decisions based on OUR needs and NOT out of loyalty, unless it's loyalty to my son and myself.

Thank you, God. Thank you, Universe. I feel so blessed.

Okay, back to the story. Jordan started pre-k today. I was so proud of him. He was such a little man. And guess what? I was the one who broke down. lol.

After I picked him up from school, I brought him home and made dinner, which was a healthy, square meal, low in fat. I read 101 Dalmatians and The Lion King to him, fully animated. Then I fed and "watered" the dogs - my dad use to say that. While I was outside, it was like everyone was either walking or jogging - just outside enjoying themselves. So Jordan and I took a walk around the neighborhood (approx. 1 mile). When we got back, i was so charged I cleaned the garage, gave Jordan a bath, put him to bed, and still had time for me to relax by myself. Now this may not sound like much to some of you, but for me, it was awesome. Very rarely do I have the energy to do this much stuff in only a few hours. And when I break it down, yesterday was the most productive I've had in a long time.

peace co-creators,


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