Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Season 1, Day 28 - One down, a bunch more to go

Getting employment locally and starting my job has been my main focus lately.
So it probably looks like I haven't been actively manifesting anything for the past couple weeks, but it's just an illusion. Now that I've got that done and I've started investing in my retirement again, I can start concentrating on making the moves to renovate my house. You know, looking at different options to come up with the money to get all the renovations, repairs, and improvements done and figuring out which would be best for me.

I intend to turn my home into a personal care home. This will, in turn, free me up to work on my many passions. The Yoga Certification does not, however, rest on the personal care home opening. Now that I've gotten a job that will allow me to be off on the weekends, I can get started with that as well. I simply needed to make sure I was on a job I intended to be with for a while and have a regular source of income coming in. Yoga Certification takes anywhere from 9 - 12 weeks and usually costs between $2500 - $7000.

OK, good night journal.

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