Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Season 1, Day 14 - Natural Hair Care: Goal # 5 on my list

One of my goals is to achieve financial freedom and security. One stream of income contributing to this is my future title of Natural Hair Care Specialist with my own line of natural beauty products, which promote healthy hair and skin. So even when I'm spending quality time doing my son's hair, or experimenting with making my own products, it's also serving me by providing me with ideas and experience.

Right now I'm doing Jordan's hair. We're doing twists, so it's a little time consuming. Wouldn't be on an adult, but kids want a lot of breaks. So I'm letting him take a quick breath as I blog a little. To tell you the truth, I wanted a small break too;-) I'll post pics later of the finished product.

Today was productive. I concentrated mostly on the Green and Natural ideas for my beauty line. This morning while Jordan was in school, I did a little more research into natural remedies, recipes, ingredients, essential oils dilution ratios, etc. I also looked into different types of molds and packaging options: bottles, jars, tubes, cello bags, etc. I know that I want my beauty line company to be a GREEN company; that's for sure. And I want every ingredient to not only be nourishing, but added and mixed with love.

I've already bought the domain names for the company. Now I just need to give it a name. And in case you're wondering, no I didn't want the company or product name in the URL. The thought behind that was that if the URL is the name of the company, then most likely in the beginning, the only people who would find me are the people who already know me and the name of the company. Get it? I went with a really good concept instead so the domain name would be more globally universal, and yield more people who are looking for good, natural products, as opposed to people who are just looking for MY products ;-) But rest asured, I will definitely buy another domain name which includes the company name later. And by that time, I will have been inspired with the perfect name.

Did I mention I'm also a marketing consultant? Oh yeah, well I've got a lot of titles on my head right now. But this site is NOT about selling me. It's simply purposed to put my intentions and goals out into the universe for manifestation. It's about allowing my higher self to take over and lead the way to the life I envision for myself. It's about letting my light shine. HE did make us in His own image, right? He gave us power to create and manifest and prosper and be healthy and happy. That's what He wants for us all.
So Shine your light out loud. Maybe someone's searching in the darkness. -- Vee Jefferson, Jowaje Philosphy

I give thanks to the Almighty.
I am grateful and I am happy.

peace, love, & light,


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