Saturday, October 11, 2008

Season 1, Day 11 - My Jordan Inspired Epiphany

Nothing big to report on today.
I cleaned the house, swept and mopped the hard wood, vacuumed.
Took out the trash and changed the bed linen. You know, the usual for a Saturday.
Me and Jordan are planning on going to church in the morning. We haven't been in a while. He's been, but just not with me. I haven't been in months myself. And last night after he told me about recently going to church with his uncle and playing with the kids in the children's ministry, I decided we really needed to go soon.

You ever had that parental moment when you were embarrassed and tickled at the same time. Well I had one last night.
Jordan told me he had gotten mad at the teacher at church last time he went cause she didn't let him sing his song. He said she'd picked another boy instead. After questioning him about it to get the full picture, I was absolutely appalled - absolutely appalled at myself!

This is how it went down. She asked the kids if they had a song to sing. Jordan volunteered and after hearing his song, she chose someone else. Jordan had chosen to sing Corbin Bleu's, Push it to the Limit. He said the other boy sang a song about God. And he honestly felt upset that she'd dismissed him and his song and couldn't for the life of him figure out why. All he knew was that he was mad at her. That's when I realized that I hadn't taught him enough church songs. Talk about embarrassed. But at the same time, I couldn't help but laugh. I imagined the teacher's face when Jordan started belting out his fav song. I also imagined what probably went through her head about me. lol.

So we're going to church in the morning. And I'm NOT taking him to the children's ministry either. He's going to be with me in the main church. I want him to hear the songs we sing, as well as what the minister is going to be talking about. Not to mention, this will be a step towards my goal of spiritual harmony and participating more in the church.

Yes God, I got the message loud and clear. And Thank YOU.

And I'm going to make a really big, "feastful" breakfast in the morning before we go: pancakes, sausage, turkey bacon, eggs, grits, etc. Now this may not sound like a big thing to most of you, but anyone who knows me knows that I haven't really cooked this kind of breakfast since my dad died a couple of years ago. It's a shame when the Waffle House puts a smile on your baby's face that you know you could easily put there yourself, while adding a whole lot of love to the ingredients;-)

Peace, love, & light, everyone,

PS. Just kinda wish Rev. Moss was still there:-(

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