Monday, October 13, 2008

Season 1, Day 13 - Much Ado About Nothing, a jack-o-lantern, and nappturality

Oops, almost forget to blog today.
I admit it, today was not a very co-creating kinda day.
Didn't do anything to make a step towards my goals and dreams today.
Then again, I worked on uploading pics for my mind movie last night until about 3:00 am this morning, so I guess that does count as today, huh?
Yeaaaaaa! I did take a creative, inspired step. Whew! I was feeling sorta bad about that. But that also means I didn't get enough sleep last night.

After I finished working on collecting the pics for my project, which has turned into a mind movies, co-creating series, I remembered that me and Jordan had forgotten to decorate his Styrofoam (ughhhhh! please believe me, my GREEN sisters and brothers, the Styrofoam was NOT my idea). The plate was sent home for us to make a pumpkin out of it. Well after we did church and a movie yesterday, I totally forgot about the school project. So you know, the Momma Frances - that's my momma, with her cheerleading cheerer, eternal band chaperoning, active with the PTAing, helpful with my school projects self - came out of me and I did it myself.

It was cute, but actually too cute. Didn't look like a 4 y/o did it. Jordan woke up, for some odd reason last night, and instead of making him go back to sleep, I let him 4-year-old up the plate pumpkin. He took off my Lima-beaned smile and added a green, candy fruit slice instead. He added a little more paint, which made the coat unevenly perfect, and added some random raisin moles to the face. And the end result was 4 year old perfection. So much better than mommy's version.

And let me add this, before you go reporting me to children's services or something for letting my preschool aged child work on a school project at 4 am, just remember that this is the stuff that real memories are made of: life's random, unconventional adventures.

BTW, Jordan and I picked up a real pumpkin from the grocery store - I'd bought the decorative tools and instruction manual about a week ago - and we did a pumpkin of our own. Of course he picked out the most tedious of all the designs for mommy to carve out, and got grossed out by cleaning out the seeds, but I think it turned out pretty well. Now, just gotta tackle Jordan's head.

Note: click the pics to enlarge them.

He's wearing a chunky Afro right now, but it's about to expire. Yes, natural dos do have an expiration date. I washed and conditioned it. I'd planned on doing some twists, but he didn't feel like sitting long enough. An hour in kid time seems like an eternity to them. But I decided to post a couple of pics of his Chunky fro along with a few other natural styles ;-)
I think he looks soooooo adorable. And I think the people at school are finally starting to GET IT now too, that he's NOT a product of a lazy mom, but is just embracing his naturalness.

Jordan's Natural Journey

Doing da twist! and a little Karate.
Jordan's 4th birthday (May 2008)

The Trusty braids. Perfect in the summertime.
Jordan at the hotel pool in Atlanta.

Jordan sportin' more twists!
No special day. I just like taking pics;-)

Jordan's 3rd day of school.
His aunt braided his hair, but it was way too tight.
He was getting those little, red bumps on his edges (eek!)
So this style was the result of getting rid of that do.
Don't you just love the versatility of being natural?
You can make just about anything work!

Jordan on the way to school.

And The CHUNKY Afro!
I love it!

Ok journal, nitey nite!
And as always to my readers,
Peace, Love, light & Nappturality,

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