Sunday, October 19, 2008

Season 1, Day 19 - Sunday Again Already?

Day number two without a cigarette. Or should I say a full cigarette?
Want to hear something disturbing and disgusting?
I went cigarette butt hunting tonight.
Now I know why they tell you to dump and wash all the ash trays once you've made up your mind to quit. But unlike the countless other times I've embarked on quitting, I didn't have any cessation products to help with the transition. You know, cause it was very spur of the moment?

Maybe I'll get some lozenges or patches or gum tomorrow.
But what would be really cool is if I make it over this hurdle with any of them.
yeah, that would be cool. And I'm really not all that anxious either. Just found myself mostly doing a little too much snacking. Definitely don't need to pick up any pounds.

Diggity dang it!
nite, nite,

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