Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Season 1, Day 8 - Uh oh, I forgot...& Hey Mister, Mister

Today wasn't bad, but I did drop the ball in one area. You know I'm looking to have complete balance in my life. And that means taking care of myself and every area of my life from my son to my home, all the way to taking care of my dogs' needs. Well today I did manage to bring the dogs in because I knew the rain was coming, but after I put them in the garage, I totally forgot about them and dang it, just plain forgot to feed and water them all day. Well they did have some leftover food in their bowls, but still. Dogs are so loyal, though. They may have been thirsty, but they weren't mad at me at all.

So sorry Zion. So sorry Samson.

What new manifestations do I see in the works. Well, I talked to a wonderful guy friend yesterday, that I may possibly like for more than just a friend;-) But hey, only time will tell and I will NOT rush it.

Oh, and I bought a few things from the shopping channel for myself. I bought some gem stone rings that were awesome and a Donna Dewberry beginner's paint set with instructional DVD's. I have a birthday coming soon. The rings I bought because I loved the stories behind the gems, loved the look of them, and could picture the perfect, little outfits that they would compliment. Operative word here being little;-)
And the paint set because I've always wanted to learn how to paint. I could visualize being outside at my ranch, relaxing in the serenity flower garden, and painting, while breathing in the smell of the sweet, clean, green air.

btw, this is totally not my usual thing. Don't remember the last time I bought something off TV. But then again, that's why I probably should have taken my behind to bed earlier. lol. That's how they getcha, ya know? When you're tired and sleepy, everything looks like a must-have.

Until next time, journal.


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