Saturday, October 25, 2008

Season 1, Day 25 - My Last Free Weekend for a While

I start my new job on Monday. I'm not complaining, not really. And the title's a little misleading, because I will actually be off every weekend, but this is my last free weekend before going back to a full-time job. That's good and a little sad at the same time. My goal is to be financially independent, making my money and providing for me and my family by doing the things I love, while doing them on my own time clock.

As it stands right now, when this year ends, I will have worked a total of 4 months as a nurse in 2008. Does that sound good or bad? Well let me tell ya, it was wonderful! How many people do you know can take off 8 months out of the year?
This year has been so inspiring to me. First of all because I took off after a dream. Secondly, I was playing by MY rules alone - NOBODY elses! And has made me hungrier than ever before to reach my dreams. **The next time I take off will again be my choice; however, I will be able to leave nursing for good at that time and make enough income working my passions to live as comfortably as I have for the past year, making the same, if not more, yearly salary that my present numbers at my new job would have pulled in had I worked there all year. Gotta be specific here, cause I know how this thing works. lol. And my personal care home will have gotten off the ground, housing at least 8 residents and my home will have become the self-sufficient, revenue-generating machine I envision today.

I guess there were some things I had to learn about being appreciative where you are before you're allowed to move on. So I've come full circle with nursing and the hospital I work for. I'm thrilled to be going back. I'm thrilled to be going to work on Monday.

But still it's sad to know this is my last free weekend for a while:-(

peace and light, co-creators.


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