Saturday, October 4, 2008

Season 1, Days 1-4: The Overview

OK, I've decided to get on board the CCOR 100 day reality challenge. Lilou Mace is the founder and the group has really taken off since its creation; almost 2000 members in 125 countries. That's pretty amazing. I found Lilou on Youtube not long after learning about The Secret. I was sucked into her co-creating/manifesting a ticket for the Oprah Winfrey show and meeting Oprah. I've been a fan ever since. I even featured The CCOR 100 day reality challenge on my VJBS blog back in November of 2007. You can imagine my excitement when she came by and left a comment. I joined CCOR a while back and after about a year of procrastinating since going live with the post, I've finally decided to get started. So I'm really excited. My plan is to write a little everyday about the things I want to manifest, what I'm doing to help manifest them, and my progress.

So for my very first post, I'm simply going to run down a few of the things I want to manifest. Some will be possible in 100 days, and others will be listed for the sheer purpose of putting them out into the universe to manifest in the future. Both baby steps and gigantic leaps will be included in my journaling, but I will set realistic goals for myself to be completed in the first 100 days.

So here goes. I want to work towards:

1. Spiritual Harmony
Working more in the church (choir, ministries, volunteering - not quite sure how or what)

2. A Healthy Body
To start and stick with a healthier way of life for me and my son.
To be fit, flexible, balanced, and strong
Fast & Detoxify my body
Exercise at least 3 times a week
Drink enough water EVERY day
Eat more healthily
Quit Smoking

3. Volunteering more of my time and resources
Especially during this holiday season (food, clothing, etc.)
The health department: HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention
Youth mentoring/counseling/educating in the schools
Possibly making house call to administer flu shots

4. Love
To find the mate (man) God wants me to have
and have True love, Unconditional love
with a man who loves my son and me in the purest sense, flaws and all.
A man who can laugh at his own flaws and imperfections
A man who believes laughter is important
A man who desires to see us happy and healthy, wanting only the best for us.
A man I can trust to be the king in our castle and surrender control to
To be Our Protector and Covering

5. Financial Independence and Security
To be able to continue nursing until I decide to leave
Entrepreneur/business success
Certified Yoga Instructor with a successful following
Certified Natural Hair Care Specialist
Successful Beauty Line for hair and skin
Wholistic Health and Wellness Coach
Successful Writer/Author

6. Making home improvements to Present Home
Repairs and Updates to meet required standards for Personal Care Home
House 8 - 9 residents (Elderly? Mentally Retarded? AIDS/HIV patients?)
Employ 4 assistants, 2 drivers, and outsource the cooking/cleaning
Home becomes a self-sufficient business while providing service to others.
And I move into my dream home

7. a Serene and Relaxing New Home
10-15 acres of land with a woodsy background in the rear.
nice home
Vegetable, herb, and flower Gardens and green house
5 Cows and 1 Bull and lots of land to graze (not for slaughter, but for the manure for the gardens, and the milk for the beauty products)
a few chickens (not for eating, but for the eggs --> beauty products and food)
Large Fishing pond with boat, dock, bridge with wooded area with wooden benches/table and large grill behind the pond and over the bridge.
2 apple trees, 2 pear trees, 2 peach trees, 2 fig trees, 1 pecan tree, a strawberry patch
Horses and stable, one horse carriage and large area to ride
large barn with tractors and other farming equipment
long, beautiful nature trail around the perimeter of the land
Pool and pool house with deck
Tennis/basketball court
play area for kids in the back yard.
yoga/meditation area in the flower garden near ornamental fish pond, with hammocks and nature-themed furniture.

I envision my new home and yard to be a place of peace, beauty, serenity, with a self-sufficient, and self reliant supply of food. So when I want fish, I'll go fishing. When I want vegetables or fruit, I'll pick, pluck, or dig them up. I will make my beauty products mostly from the things I grow. My vegetables will taste richer, sweeter, better than anything in a grocery store. the farmer's market may come in second place. I will sell some of my organic foods and beauty products in my natural health store, which will be in the same building as my yoga studio. And the foods I give away to family and friends with be me giving away a piece of myself. I will also have a successful beauty line, manufacturing and distributing my products all over the US and online.

8. More Children
?? 2 more children and possibly adopt a few.

9. Making a difference in the world - better, safer, greener, wiser.

10. Traveling the world. But first I'd like to drive cross country - with no regard to time - in a huge RV with my family. Oh maybe a 6 month trip? Jordan will be home schooled during that time;-)

I'd also like to:

11. Swim with dolphins and pet a whale.

12. Go scuba diving and help to build some man-made coral reefs.

13. See what it feels like to be in a room with zero gravity.

14. Taste a true African pineapple in Africa.

15. Meet Senator Barack Obama (and his family) and possibly work with the future President on a few issues near and dear to my heart.

OK, that's all for now.
Good night journal.

peace, love, & light,

PS. Tomorrow I will get more specific on a couple of tasks.
But today...well today I'm just enjoying the dreaming and visualizing;-)

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