Thursday, October 16, 2008

Season 1, Day 16 - Chaos and clutter: Think I need a maid!

Today was a clutter day.
I've got dirty clothes on the living room floor that need to be sorted and washed.
I've got clean clothes in the laundry room that need to be folded.
I've got folded, clean clothes on the pool table that need to be put away.
And me? Oh, I've sat and looked at all three piles all day. They're still there.
Makes me think that maybe I should be visualizing a maid, or at least visualizing me hiring a cleaning company, in my future. LOL

No, but really, the three piles signify mental and physical chaos to me, and how easy it to let something so small turn into a huge obstacle. My house, from the outside, looks like a total mess, but really, it's just a matter of randomness. Nothing big, just clothes. But it's much harder to get started because of the overwhelming visualization it's sending to me. The truth is that I can't clean up all three piles at the same time. It's not possible. And if I were to try that approach, I'd most likely get frustrated and just give up.

Looking at the mess from a co-creator perspective, however, I'd know my first action would be to focus on the clothes in the laundry room to make space and free the dryer, so I'd bring those clothes out to the pool table to fold. Next I'd start a load from the pile on the floor, then begin putting away the ones already folded (to make more space on the pool table for the ones that need folding). And I'd continue to work those three piles until there were gone.

See how that works? Making space is always the first step, whether it's by relaxing and meditating or just getting rid of some stuff that's taking up space - physical or mental. Once you free the clutter, it's easier to sit down and figure out the easiest and most efficient way to satisfactorily complete ALL the tasks.

Yeah, yeah, I did all that rambling basically to let you guys know that today was a lazy day and my house is a mess. But the ah-hah moment is knowing that even in the midst of this clutter, tomorrow there will be none.

Peace, love, light, & space,

P.S. I also worked on my mind movies today.
Boy did I download a lot of pics. whew!

P.P.S And after all that positive energy I sent out to Joe Plumber, he's not even a real person. Well he's real, but apparently not a licensed plumber, apparently wasn't even speaking of a real plumbing company, and apparently actually owes the government over $1,000 in taxes. But on a positive note, there is really a Joe the Plumber Plumbing business out there, and the energy is definitely trickling down to them and everyone else capitalizing on the new, blue collar icon, Joe.

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