Thursday, October 23, 2008

Season 1, Day 23 - SHUT UP!

Oh, I'm not talking to my co-creating friends out there in the universe; I'm talking to the outside noise and distractions all around. Today I was determined to spend some quiet time by myself. My friend, Yvette, reminded me of how important it is to have "moments of stillness" to get reconnected with the Source. Thanks, Yvette, cause as much as I know this, I still forget sometimes. And when I get a few moments to myself, believe me, they're still not quiet moments, cause I'm too busy catching up on the things I "think" I've been missing. So today I dedicate to me. And to all the other insignificant static and clatter and chit-chatter...JUST SHUT UP!

Now. Thankyou.

Now where was I?

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