Friday, October 24, 2008

Season 1, Day 24 - Full of it and Fasting

You know I've been struggling with my weight for a while now.
I'm still carrying around baby weight, but my baby is 4 YEARS OLD. lol
One good thing I can say about myself, though, is that I always find the turn-a-round point before it's too late. Meaning there is always a definite No-No place where I'll get to or see myself in a harsh enough light to get strong enough to make some real changes.

In the past, my buckling down and turning things around have never gone past that - turning things around. Cause for some reason, as soon as I start seeing the success I'm working so hard for, I start to slack up and take a break, which then turns into a major stand-still, or even worse, a total back slide.

Last night I revisited that No-No place when I took a naked look at myself from the back. And those back bulges, which weren't that noticeable a few days ago, were staring back at me like, "whut?!"

OK, they've GOT TO GO!
I'm all for being happy and content with yourself just as you are and loving everything about you, but I draw the line when I see something that is actually taking away from me, my health and natural beauty, and especially when it's something that can be totally in my control.

Do you know what "full of it" means? Well I am full of it, literally and figuratively!

Today I officially started to fast. I'm planning on doing it for 1 month, so I should be done by Thanksgiving. Now chances are that by then, my body will have gotten use to less fat and sugar and even meat, so I won't be able to indulge like I would want to, but the upside to that is that I won't feel deprived either - probably more like disgusted by all that grease and sugar.
The body is a funny thing, you know?
As soon as you start treating it better, it craves better;-)
And when you take away the bad stuff, it becomes grossed out by it if you try to reintroduce it.

Now I'm just fasting, but I'm going to post a body cleansing/detox regimen
(click here to see the article) for anyone interested in detoxing. It was given to me by a friend. His name is Yirser Ra Hotep, and he's a Kemetic Yoga Instructor, using the ancient Egyptian posturings in his practice, as seen and expressed in the artwork and spiritual writings found in the ancient tombs and temples. Based in Chicago, Yirser travels the world teaching and leading us into good health and quiet strength. So let me go on and put one of my intentions out there now. **After becoming a Certified Yoga Instructor myself, I will also become certified in Kemetic Yoga technique. I'm going to one of Yirser's Yoga Intensive Trainings in either Jamaica or one of the beautiful countries in Africa.
You can learn more about Yirser at

Peace, love, & light everyone,

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